“Where are you from?”

Having lived over half my life abroad now and having done a fair bit of traveling, I have constantly been forced to deal with the question of “Where are you from?”. From the perspective of my physical appearance, the confusion that sets in when I respond with “I’m from the States” is somewhat understandable. The […]

Neo-colonialism: APs on the front lines of Empire

I saw this post on the Huffington Post web site: Abyssinian Princess on Horseback: Inspiration for all Orphans And I was literally dumbstruck. Abyssinia? The European colonial name for the former kingdom of Ethiopia? They refuse to post my entire comment, so I would like to put it here: In adoptee circles, we joke about […]

A critique of Harry and Bertha Holt’s work while setting up intercountry adoption in South Korea.

1954-1955 Discovering Amerasian Children 1956 “Having Trouble Finding Little Ones” 1957-1958 “Swamped” with Requests for Children 1959 Counseling More Mothers 1960-1964 “House Slaves?” For the Love of Children How are the Mothers Today? 1954-1955: Discovering Amerasian Children Bertha Marian Holt was born in 1905 to Clifford and Eva Holt. She married Harry Holt, a first […]

Mothers reclaim their children: The end of adoption.

I found this story on the AP wire about a Guatamala judge demanding the return of an adopted child in the States inspiring, because it answers for me the question “how might adoption end”? I’ve stated it often, in piques of hyperbole, that mothers worldwide should be empowered to take their children back, and now […]