Mothers reclaim their children: The end of adoption.

I found this story on the AP wire about a Guatamala judge demanding the return of an adopted child in the States inspiring, because it answers for me the question “how might adoption end”?

I’ve stated it often, in piques of hyperbole, that mothers worldwide should be empowered to take their children back, and now we see it put to the test. This ties into liberation movements, anti-colonialism movements, etc. so there is common ground with other groups.

Most importantly, it relieves us of having to talk to, convince, engage with, or otherwise put up with P/APs who “know best [for us]”, and whose starting premise is that adoption is a given. I’ve gotten very tired of this line of thinking.

How many court cases would it take to turn things around? I don’t think so many. Why should we settle for just contact rights, or access to true information? Bring the children home.

4 thoughts on “Mothers reclaim their children: The end of adoption.

  1. Makes me wonder how many children were really kidnapped’ from Holt International Children’s Services and other adoption agencies hiding all of their manipulation and stealing in the name of God hiding behind their glossy phamplets and high class marketing campaign. After all, more then 200,000 children from Korea abandoned? I thought the war was over in the 1960s…looks suspicious to me…and all of us unable to gain access to our records…maybe it’s time we all come together and sue the adoption agencies TOGETHER!…power in numbers! Not only are we adoptees are victims (for being taken away from our birthmothers and birthfathers and for the lies and manipulations) but AP are victims too! How long are we going to let this go on? I guess we are at stage one: Awareness is the first step to change!!!!

  2. I would agree. I really think this is revolutionary in many ways, for example, here is the story from the mother’s point of view:

    There is a shift taking place, in terms of attention from the media and terms used, as well as POV. There is a backlash, as seen in the Washington Times story.

    But I really feel like we’ve made headway. I’ve already found some women willing to work with me in the south of Lebanon to try and do something similar.

  3. Here is a shout that will stand up for millions of women and freedom for adoptees, the civil war is over and the north won the battle between the states. Still they keep adoptees in a sealed vault, probably because it contains all the truths and will have to open access to the records. As mothers and adoptees working together with each state war, only a paper war that we wthe shout and the legislators let go of this archaic old and torn paper bill. WE ARE MOTHERS! HEAR US ROAR!

  4. Most importantly, this liberatory idea moves away from the stale and imposed idea of the “triad” which needs to be retired. It has a lot of historical precedence, in terms of the Underground Railroad and the like, in terms of working outside of legal frameworks that are in and of themselves racist, classist, and designed to keep the status quo in place.

    To update my earlier post, I’ve also managed in Lebanon to get some media and lawyers interested in this idea as a way to speak about adoption that obviates the “poor orphan” mode that is forced on us. I’m really hopeful about going back to Beirut next month and getting into this.

    Another example of someone inspiring along these lines is originally from Morocco, and now is a rap artist in France:

    This is the antidote to the horrifying and universalizing pro-adoption stance being built in to United Nations pronouncements. Roelie Post at ACT is one of the few speaking out about this:

    Her book about Romanian orphans is really enlightening, and the mediation of non-U.S. media shows how far behind the U.S. lags in terms of the world waking up to the horrors of child trafficking that we euphemistically refer to as adoption:

    Have we found the Achilles heel of adoption?

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