11 thoughts on “Search phrases that give us pause.

  1. So many to choose from, where do I begin? I’ll try to narrow it down to just a few…

    on RACE
    -without arabes and niggers in france north
    -me with korean girl
    -interracial adoption can help to breach the racial divide
    -magazine brown baby slant eyed orphans

    -define : post-family
    -arranged marriage for adoptees
    -adoption god wrong womb
    -pathological adopting
    -found metal object in korean adoptee

    -what is the korean word for if we lose
    -form a relationship with your captor
    -a sadness so deep no tears will come
    -where you came from your own stranger how do i know you

    -does social worker make money for destroying family
    -holt adopted suicide

    on ETHICS
    -should adopted kids have the right to know their biological parents?
    -is adopting again wrong if you don’t want other adopted child to be alone
    -how to adopt north korean refugees
    -can anyone adopt from north korea?
    -korea adoption mother change mind

    on CULTURE
    -wearing items that identify an individual with a culture outside his or her adoptive country slows down the assimilation process, or worse, alienates the individual from his or her adoptive society

    and I have dozens of searches for abused+adopted+ incest

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