Bitter medicine.

For me, these adoptee groups are like taking spoonfuls of bitter medicine.  The sharing I do with other adoptees, the reflections of my past, and all the things that I have learned has healed me.  Adoption is as varied as shoes, apples or the variety of labels of medication on the shelves of the local […]

What will you tell your children about being a transracial adoptee?

My grown children are part of the first generation of children born to the Korean adoptee diaspora, and as mixed-race children, they too have issues of race to deal with, yet without a tribe to identify with. I speak with other adoptees with young children and much of their own impetus for grappling with their […]

Defining The Canon: The Discourse of Adoption.

Growing up there were on my parents’ bookshelves a lot of material that shored up a specific viewpoint of the world, down to the endless rows of yellow National Geographic magazines. In terms of adoption, Pearl S. Buck stands out as one of the early pushers for what we would now call adoption advocacy in […]


The transracial adoptee who made this comment must have misunderstood the subject matter, as the title was, “Adoptee repatriation: Would you go back?” Because it is typical of attacks adoptees who question and/or don’t 100% agree with the status quo encounter, we thought it would be appropriate to open it up to thorough examination… Submitted […]

Adoptee repatriation: Would you go back?

Let’s imagine a point in time when the power differential in the world reverses (not as far off as we might imagine, given current revolutions taking place in the world, and efforts of mothers in Guatemala, etc.) And let’s imagine that your country of birth creates a program to repatriate its diaspora, including adoptees. This […]

What are you grateful for?

In adoptee terms, grateful has become synonymous with indebted for being “saved” or obligated to be thankful for being adopted. Obviously, it’s way more complicated than that… Can you transracial adoptees enlighten everyone on these complications? I’m tired of being viewed as an ingrate, just because I have criticisms…