The land of should-have-been and is.

Something Daniel said recently, as a comment on the post, “How white are you?”  made me think: And then, sometimes, it is just really, really devastatingly difficult to live on this razor’s edge. Once again, leave it to Daniel to leave me haunted with his sublime and beautiful way of looking at our situation.  I […]

Is it okay to not get U.S. citizenship for an internationally adopted child?

I came upon your website today and found several thoughtful comments. Perhaps this is the place to pose my question. Is it ever okay to not get U.S. citizenship for an internationally adopted child? I have read the horror stories of deportation and know that no one seems to question the necessity of getting U.S. […]

What’s the motivation? Is there a valid one?

Many adoptees who were adopted for charitable reasons discount barren-ness as being a valid motivation for adoption, as they feel that it puts too much pressure on the child to fill holes in their parents hearts and that no child can or should be asked to substitute for the first choice/dream child they can never […]

National Adoption Month: The yearly hype-a-thon

I’ve always hated the various mediated “months” of this or that, because it always seemed to relate to marginalized groups (Black History Month, for example) as if to say, “you don’t get to be acknowledged but for a brief period, and that based on how we see you.” What are your feelings during this month […]