National Adoption Month: The yearly hype-a-thon

I’ve always hated the various mediated “months” of this or that, because it always seemed to relate to marginalized groups (Black History Month, for example) as if to say, “you don’t get to be acknowledged but for a brief period, and that based on how we see you.” What are your feelings during this month of mediation overkill concerning? Feel free to post links and references….

2 thoughts on “National Adoption Month: The yearly hype-a-thon

  1. I always ask – who’s this really for, anyway? I sometimes think part of it is to console the adopters that they are doing the right thing.

    On a homework question my daughter had to answer what a “minority” was and so she wanted my opinion. I told her it was a racial group that our government had exploited or abused, and that was why we of Korean decent can be marginalized yet not qualify for minority aid. Not sure that’s what her teacher had in mind as an answer.

    So I don’t really see these campaigns as a day/month/limited time of acknowledging adoptees of color, but as only marginalizing adoptees. I feel it puts is in our place, categorizes us, pigeon-holes and stereo-types us and doesn’t raise our status at all. It perpetuates our image as waifs of color. Pity the adoptee. Help one every day by importing it. Never mind that the pity is closely related to the racial marginalization deeply ingrained in the predominantly white privileged west. We become poster children for the promotion of micro-colonizing from the comfort of our own home.

    I tend to look at this awareness month as industry exploitation of public service announcements and similar media campaigns to raise MONEY and increase adoptions and strengthen the lobby to increase international adoptions.

    Notice there are no national keep-foreign-families-together months…

  2. In agreement with the previous comment, my question is, “Awareness of what?” I’ve never put much stock in these “flavor of the month” campaigns as they seem to be just another bone tossed out to say, “Don’t say we never gave you anything.”

    Adoption Awareness month is especially bothersome because again – awareness? It seems to be more about adopters than adoptees and is basically used to recycle the same old rhetoric. Save a child and make yourself feel better. Just combing through the news, you find the usual series of feel-good stories with anything critical being a rarity. Most of them seem to be written by, for and about adoptive parents. So what good does that really do adoptees?

    What this month does do, is remind me that adult adoptees are still have a long way to go. Attitudes have not changed all that much. The larger society is still unable to recognize us (without considerable effort) beyond our childhood.

Adoptees, what do you think? We welcome your replies!

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