how much your experiences as a transracial adoptee may have been changed for the better with a more supportive family environment?

A parent recently asked this on one of my other projects.  Personally, I’m all for domestic foster care.  I think the question is really about where do the scales tip when balancing race with foster to adopt scenarios? I am a well-educated Caucasian parent of three young biological children. I would like to have one […]

Also known as…

This question is a follow-up to the one asking about the orphanage-bestowed name, and its importance; I’d like to expand on this a little bit if I may. In local culture, the question to ask after someone is min aya bayt?—from which house? In this way a [family] name is closely tied to place, and […]

When [do] you feel adoption is appropriate and/or it is always going to fail?

We currently live in Portugal (we are US citizens) and have been researching adopting in Portugal. There are orphanages here and the children receive placement with Nationals first if there is availability. I came across your website and found it very different from the majority of the blogs/websites and the view point very interesting. We […]