What’s Your Adoption “Fantasy”?

Lately I’ve been going on lots about the different kinds of stories I’ve entertained about the “truth” of my adoption. As adoptees, I suspect it is particularly common, perhaps even inevitable, to on the one hand adopt a skeptical attitude about what stories we are told and/or to project the stories we’d “prefer” (even if […]

Why were we “relinquished”?

I put “relinquished” because not everyone was…some were stolen, others abandoned, some lost?  I ask because there are many reasons, many causes for our path leading to adoption.  My own cause for becoming vulnerable to adoption lay in new circumstances and old roots.  There was something stemming from modern circumstances and things arising from ancient […]

Adoptees as non-citizens.

In another item we were discussing adoptees as a “new species” and this got me thinking about the previous item concerning obtaining citizenship for adoptees. Over at AAAC there is a minor discussion about passports, and the inability of domestic adoptees to obtain federal recognition as citizens based on the practice on the state level […]