It’s a small world after all.

Over the years I’ve been cataloguing blogs of adoptive parents who in any way mention dolls. For example, here is a site [link] where the adoptive mother is looking to purchase an “Asian” doll (whatever that even means) for the VietNamese girl currently in her care. Another [link] allows a “mother” (scare quotation marks theirs) […]

Ending Nature & Nurture: Adoptee Opinion Whether Adoptions Are “Good” or “Bad”

For the sake of brevity, I posted the bulk of what I want to ask here over here. The summary version might be: whether the “worldview” of a child (adopted or not) fundamentally agrees or disagrees with the “worldview” of that child’s parent is a central determinant whether one’s childhood (adopted or not) is deemed […]

What has reunion taught you about the institution of adoption? How humanitarian is it?

I’m fascinated by reunion stories.  Primarily because adoptees in reunion are privy to the larger account of what creates orphans than the simple beneficient accounts we are told are the reasons. Having had the privilege to edit many adoptee reunion stories and interview many adoptees about their reunions, I am struck by the truths that […]

What do we tell our children about adoption?

As an older adoptee, who didn’t address her own adoptee issues, who wasn’t aware of adoptee community and whose grown children also did not benefit from that knowledge and support base, I am very cognizant of all the adoptees who are now raising children of their own.  Most of these children of adoptees are bi-racial […]

Breeding Feral Children

A transracially, transnationally adoptive parent, upon reading my thoughts on the historical and social reasons we Korean adoptees were sent abroad for adoption, responded by telling me that in Australia (paraphrasing here) society has gone to hell because of single moms on welfare breeding feral children, and that maybe Korea just doesn’t want to follow […]

Face to face: Can we speak up?

I was visiting with my brother and his family and we went out to a “Chinese” restaurant chain for lunch. As we were dealing with the quasi-Asian menu (Pad Thai in a Chinese restaurant?) a woman walked by with the child now in her care. The girl was from China, and the mother was wearing […]

Natural and Unnatural Parents

Both adoption and donor conception practices produce children whose parents (or at least one of the parents) are social constructs. Nature is removed from the relationship and replaced with legal forms. For adoptees, the courts assign adults who in all respects are intended to become full and sole parents. They are creations of law. For […]