Boycotting adoption.

For some reason one of the Saudi channels on my pirate-satellite-cable service keeps showing the horrid movie Australia with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. I find that their presence in the movie (as adoptive parents) makes it doubly offensive, especially as concerns the destruction of the Aboriginal population via cultural re-education and adoption. I realized […]

Do you wear items that identify you with your original culture?

This was in today’s search phrases: …wearing items that identify an individual with a culture outside his or her adoptive country slows down the assimilation process…” God forbid we wish to slow down assimilation. Question open to interpretation, but as a starting point, do you “wear items” that identity with your original culture?

Good Adoptee, Bad Adoptee?

Recently, I have been editing a book written a couple of years ago by myself and a (non-adopted) co-author (more details here). It features the circumstance of two, otherwise, unrelated adoptees. Written before I was better informed about adoption, the book enthusiastically contrasts a “good” adoptee (the older sister) with a “bad” adoptee (a younger […]

When Do Adoptees Become Rescuers Too?

Recently, I have been editing a book written a couple of years ago by myself and a (non-adopted) co-author. The two main characters are a sister and brother non-blood-related pair of adoptees (four years apart in age). The primary arc of the narrative concerns how the older sister arrives finally at the point of weaning […]

“Please just immigrate [sic] if you haven’t.”

Over at Sumeia Williams’ great blog Ethnically Incorrect Daughter [ link ], there is an item discussing the case of Heidi Bubb, and the documentary that was made about her return as on adoptee to Viet Nam, Daughter From Da Nang. In response to something I posted there ages ago came this response: You are […]

Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD): the alienation and resistance of the adoptee.

I’d like to touch back on to two discussions we’ve had so far, one on nature vs. nurture as posited by Snow Leopard, and the other one having to do with Russian adoptions, and the idea of a second-best race-based adoption, i.e., one that does not (seemingly) require those adopting from having to mythologize their […]