Why do adoptees long for touch[?]

This was a question listed in the search engine hits for the web site. Open to interpretation; feel free to answer as you wish. Personally, I’m curious to know: Where do we think such a question might come from, and what does it mean to ask such a question, and/or to research it?

4 thoughts on “Why do adoptees long for touch[?]

  1. The person who asked must be missing touch… I had not thought about this when I was doing research on adoption. I don’t know anyone who considered it unique to adoptees. Have you?

    • Honestly, my first reaction, corroborated by an adoptee on Twitter responding to the feed Tweet there, was that this was a spouse/partner asking this question, and not an adoptive parent, or an adoptee for that matter.

  2. My first thought was: who says adoptees do. My net thought (after some gratuitous autobiographical material) would be “what kind of touch” is meant? Since I’ve started calling myself Snow Leopard and wearing a tail, I’ve been physically more affectionate across the boards, but I don’t think I’d had a burning desire for touch previous to that. It’d been absent all along, or was unwelcome, so I didn’t miss it. Maybe because I got good at hugging myself instead.

  3. Is this a part of the promiscuousness attributed to adoptees, I wonder?

    I know that I’ve spent many many years seeking “touch” in all the wrong places. Wonder if it’s something to do with that…

Adoptees, what do you think? We welcome your replies!

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