Why do adoptees long for touch[?]

This was a question listed in the search engine hits for the web site. Open to interpretation; feel free to answer as you wish. Personally, I’m curious to know: Where do we think such a question might come from, and what does it mean to ask such a question, and/or to research it?

5 thoughts on “Why do adoptees long for touch[?]

  1. The person who asked must be missing touch… I had not thought about this when I was doing research on adoption. I don’t know anyone who considered it unique to adoptees. Have you?

    • Honestly, my first reaction, corroborated by an adoptee on Twitter responding to the feed Tweet there, was that this was a spouse/partner asking this question, and not an adoptive parent, or an adoptee for that matter.

  2. My first thought was: who says adoptees do. My net thought (after some gratuitous autobiographical material) would be “what kind of touch” is meant? Since I’ve started calling myself Snow Leopard and wearing a tail, I’ve been physically more affectionate across the boards, but I don’t think I’d had a burning desire for touch previous to that. It’d been absent all along, or was unwelcome, so I didn’t miss it. Maybe because I got good at hugging myself instead.

  3. Is this a part of the promiscuousness attributed to adoptees, I wonder?

    I know that I’ve spent many many years seeking “touch” in all the wrong places. Wonder if it’s something to do with that…

  4. I have never heard this before. I certainly don’t “long for touch” and I know plenty of non-adoptees who don’t either. Other adopted and non-adopted people do, of course. I don’t see any relation to adoption.

Adoptees, what do you think? We welcome your replies!

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