The Adoption Mafia.

Elsewhere on the site we have explored the “cost” of adoptee activism [ link ], and we have heard some stories of closed-down blogs and the like. Certain adoptee sites have erased past posts, or willingly avoid or openly mock the so-called “radical” in acts of self-censorship. Much of this is in the realm of our so-called rights of agency, such as free speech, opinion, etc.

What happens though when this line is crossed in a more dangerous way? I know of adoptees who fear for their lives for speaking out. I have been privy locally to adoptees whose activism has resulted in vague threats to “stop poking around”. I take these warnings very seriously, personally speaking.

At the Adoption Initiatives Conference at St. John’s University in New York in October, Ambassador Susan Jacobs, Special Advisor to the Secretary for Children’s Issues, U.S. Department of State stated that the term “trafficking” is not used officially concerning adoption because, to paraphrase her, it results in “a happy ending”.

What happens though when that “happy ending” is literally threatened by the very power structure that enabled the adoption in the first place? How is it possible to actively challenge the Adoption Mafia and survive? Is shedding light on this a way of breaking down the fear and coercion imposed by the powers that be?

A question for adoptees: Have you been threatened for your activism? By whom? For what reason? What has been the result, physically, psychologically, legally, etc.?

5 thoughts on “The Adoption Mafia.

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    My comment and answer to the question –
    April 1, 2013 at 11:33 pm
    Absolutely and I’m not even out on the streets!! I blog from the privacy of my own home in a country town in rural Australia. I had my first blog reported to the FBI by supporters of Reeces Rainbow for being a ‘blog of hate’ and rendered unuseable by Blogger. During the time of the Inquiry into forced adoption I’ve had my computer hacked and all adoption files deleted -of course they were backed up elsewhere, I’m not that naive!. I’ve had threats, hate mail and offensive and untrue accusations made against me because of my administration of facebook groups. I’ve been ejected from a facebook group run by Origins for challenging the truth of adoption for adoptees, ridiculed, insulted by Origins members and one or two fellow adoptees who support Origins and their tactics. I’ve been called ‘an abusive adoptee’ by a now former member of Origins Canada and shunned by a few adoptees who don’t understand the connections between the politics of adoption and right action.
    I’ve had any number of email interactions with aparents who have tried to use me for knowledge and are insulted or offended when they overstep the mark and have the plug pulled. Adoptees it seems, have to be readily available to adopters ,whatever their age and circumstances!
    The results? I sail blithely on, doing what I do, dealing with each situation as it arises, modifying my writing slightly to pre-empt attack. I will continue as long as I am able, taking short breaks if needed to gain perspective and being grateful for the support of my fellow adoptees and for our community of amazing activists who steadily advance thinking about adoption, bring the truth to light and continue to expose new and fruitful areas to investigate.

  2. In my opinion adoption is modern day Adoption Trafficking by the Adoption Mafia. Adoption Trafficking is removing large numbers of children out of their homelands unnecessarily for the benefits of the Adoption Mafia to make large sums money. Trafficking has nothing to do with ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ outcomes. There should be laws against Adoption Trafficking.

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