Can adoptees be sociopaths?

Last night I made the unfortunate decision to watch the last 15 minutes of the movie Orphan which was showing on one of the Gulf satellite stations. By coincidence, this was in the search phrases this morning. My punishment perhaps—moreso than the movie in and of itself? In any case, the question is open for interpretation.

4 thoughts on “Can adoptees be sociopaths?

    • I would say that being [labeled] “insane” and being [labeled] a “sociopath” are quite different things, no? When I think of the word “sociopath” I think of someone who outwardly acts empathetic, but who is absolutely without empathy. To me, this much more describes much in the way of the adopter mindset than it does adoptees I know….which kind of brings me back to the movie Orphan where the climax of the movie is the “mother”, exclaiming rather sociopathically: “I’m not your f***ing mother!” Any thoughts?

  1. Yes! Yes, we Can!

    As human beings, we are each capable, that is to say, we have the “ability” of being/being raised to be sociopaths.

    BTW: I’ve not seen “Orphan”, and after reading the Wiki blurb about it, I won’t spend my time watching is as the theme seems but a modification of the “changeling” myth from a US-centric perspective.

Adoptees, what do you think? We welcome your replies!

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