Changing the facts of adoption like birthdate

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Changing a child’s birth date

That’s the title of for a thread on a recent adoption forum site.
Yes, you read correctly the subject of discussion on an adoption thread.
The family in question had apparently adopted a boy who had been abandoned.
So the actual date of when he was born is uncertain.


They told us Jan 11 2002.
We are considering changing his birth date to July 11 2002 because:
I am a January child and hated it. I never had birthday parties in the summer (I know we can always move the parties to the summer …)
– he is developmentally behind, so a later birth date might benefit him re. kindergarten, school etc. etc.
– we can’t really verify when his birthday is

I assume they are the authorities of whichever Country or state in which the child, which they adopted, was born.
The thing…

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2 thoughts on “Changing the facts of adoption like birthdate

  1. Daniel, this is killing me. It’s my birthday as of a minute ago (I assume it is? Amended birth cert says so? But mom always said she got “confused” because agency told her it was aug 13, then they corrected it to aug 14…anyway) (Also, all that birthdays conjure up) (Also, holy shit, I just met my real aunt–I’m in Oregon–and my father joined us, and my cousin who I’d never met, and her little baby, and this was the highest number of natural relatives I’ve been in a room with and I am slightly crawling out of my skin and trying to keep my brains from hanging upside down)

    And lastly also, I am sad at my birthday and I’m tired of explaining to (bio) people why that’s so, that it kicks up stuff I don’t really want to celebrate, that I want to, as a fun birthday activity, I want to face punch adoption repeatedly until it’s bloody smear that can be hosed down and I can start again fresh with my real family replete with all their problems and whatever. I’m venting. Maybe I’m being a jerk. I hate it all. I’m feeling super hostile.

    Miss you, Daniel!!!!!

    PS can you tell it’s August and all NYC therapists are on their fucking vacations?!?!


    • Today was my “D-Day” of a “B-Day” and as always, I just want to get through it. The actual date was likely a week or ten days ago; they fixed it on today likely because it is a Catholic holiday….

      So yeah, lots of things drug up from the memory basement that are probably better left to molder and rot down and away from where I find myself now….

      What used to be a really intense hatred of the day has burnt down into a smoldering vestigial melancholia. But I’ll cheer you on as you beat Adoption into a bloody pulp….to hell with the therapists!

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