Crocodile tears for immigrant children.

What do you make of current efforts to slam the current “administration” in the US for having separated immigrant children from their parents? The disgust and horror in the media is, to me, rather hypocritical. I say that as someone who grew up looking at missing children’s faces on the back of milk cartons, who remembers the detention centers for children started during the Obama administration, and oh yes, adoption. What is your reaction to the current imbroglio? Do you make connections between what happened to us and what is happening to them?

4 thoughts on “Crocodile tears for immigrant children.

  1. As a US domestic product who toured south Texas for several months in 2016, I noted some odd-ball institutional-looking compounds here-and-there. I later determined them to be privately operated internment camps for children. No real tears are shed in the making of money — that’s what this colonial enterprise is all about.

    As soon as 45 comes up with a new absurd tale to improve the ratings of his political reality sh*t show, “the children” will again be forgotten…

  2. Well said. Just to expand on my list: Indentured servitude. Slavery. The poorhouses. The Orphan Trains. Foster care. Adoption. Rehoming. Eugenics. Trafficking. Now those children are just political pawns.

    • You might also consider adding “Apprenticeship” to your list – my search for origin and subsequent genealogy work has revealed a handful of children who were apprenticed out due to lack of family resources. “Child brides” might also fits the ticket – notwithstanding gasps of horror from the American populace, I have quite a few distant relatives who were pregnant and married around 12-16 year of age (also in my tree are similarly aged girls who were pregnant but not married).

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