Breeding Feral Children

A transracially, transnationally adoptive parent, upon reading my thoughts on the historical and social reasons we Korean adoptees were sent abroad for adoption, responded by telling me that in Australia (paraphrasing here) society has gone to hell because of single moms on welfare breeding feral children, and that maybe Korea just doesn’t want to follow […]

how much your experiences as a transracial adoptee may have been changed for the better with a more supportive family environment?

A parent recently asked this on one of my other projects.  Personally, I’m all for domestic foster care.  I think the question is really about where do the scales tip when balancing race with foster to adopt scenarios? I am a well-educated Caucasian parent of three young biological children. I would like to have one […]

When [do] you feel adoption is appropriate and/or it is always going to fail?

We currently live in Portugal (we are US citizens) and have been researching adopting in Portugal. There are orphanages here and the children receive placement with Nationals first if there is availability. I came across your website and found it very different from the majority of the blogs/websites and the view point very interesting. We […]

The land of should-have-been and is.

Something Daniel said recently, as a comment on the post, “How white are you?”  made me think: And then, sometimes, it is just really, really devastatingly difficult to live on this razor’s edge. Once again, leave it to Daniel to leave me haunted with his sublime and beautiful way of looking at our situation.  I […]

What’s the motivation? Is there a valid one?

Many adoptees who were adopted for charitable reasons discount barren-ness as being a valid motivation for adoption, as they feel that it puts too much pressure on the child to fill holes in their parents hearts and that no child can or should be asked to substitute for the first choice/dream child they can never […]

What will you tell your children about being a transracial adoptee?

My grown children are part of the first generation of children born to the Korean adoptee diaspora, and as mixed-race children, they too have issues of race to deal with, yet without a tribe to identify with. I speak with other adoptees with young children and much of their own impetus for grappling with their […]


The transracial adoptee who made this comment must have misunderstood the subject matter, as the title was, “Adoptee repatriation: Would you go back?” Because it is typical of attacks adoptees who question and/or don’t 100% agree with the status quo encounter, we thought it would be appropriate to open it up to thorough examination… Submitted […]