Notes to the Future: From the Distant Past

Reading Friederich von Schiller’s (1795) almost continuously magnificent “Naive and Sentimental Poetry,” I encountered the sentence.  (I have grammatically modified his pronoun use to avoid the exclusive “he”): All peoples who possess a history have a paradise, a state of innocence, a golden age; indeed, every individual has their paradise, their golden age, which they […]

Redressing the Second Offense

In a previous post, I asked what strategies we have discovered for addressing those sorts of occasions when we find ourselves face-to-face with with people expressing “opinions” (they almost always call them opinions) that dehumanize, wound, or reprise in the present patterns of abuse associated with our experience of adoption that occurred in the past. […]

Addressing the Second Offense

In reading some of the posts on birthdays, in experiencing as a result some of my own vast, unexpected sadness behind that topic as well as reading it in others, I saw how the trauma expressed, though it references and refers to the past, seems pointedly to occur in the present. This makes me suspect […]

The Anti-Antiadoption Discourse in “Response” to a New Expose

A researcher, or perhaps a journalist, Kathryn Boyce has recently written an expose, The Child Catchers: Rescue, Trafficking, and the New Gospel of Adoption (published 23 April 2013), on how evangelical Christians are preaching the new gospel of adoption. I haven’t read the book; I’m flagging it down here in case someone wants to. My […]

Domestic vs. International?

I have argued long and hard that there is little difference between domestic and international adoption, if we consider that often the class differential of domestic adoption is from an internal “Third World” of poverty and the exploitation of those from this realm. I have argued long and hard that if we shift to notions […]

When Do Adoptees Become Rescuers Too?

Recently, I have been editing a book written a couple of years ago by myself and a (non-adopted) co-author. The two main characters are a sister and brother non-blood-related pair of adoptees (four years apart in age). The primary arc of the narrative concerns how the older sister arrives finally at the point of weaning […]

Alternatives to “Polite Conversations”

Some time ago (24 August 2011), Daniel posed the question here: One of the key aspects of reframing the discussion and allowing our voice to be heard is to not speak in the defensive. Since this is expected, even in the question-and-answer format, speaking up and out without necessarily answering anyone becomes very important. Beyond […]

The oppression of adoption.

I am currently working with a group locally that does research for returning adoptees to Lebanon, similar to such organizations in other source countries. We are going through my collected bogus paperwork, bogus passport, and bogus references and one by one crossing out the information contained in them as being useful or not (mostly not). […]

Defining The Canon: The Discourse of Adoption.

Growing up there were on my parents’ bookshelves a lot of material that shored up a specific viewpoint of the world, down to the endless rows of yellow National Geographic magazines. In terms of adoption, Pearl S. Buck stands out as one of the early pushers for what we would now call adoption advocacy in […]


The transracial adoptee who made this comment must have misunderstood the subject matter, as the title was, “Adoptee repatriation: Would you go back?” Because it is typical of attacks adoptees who question and/or don’t 100% agree with the status quo encounter, we thought it would be appropriate to open it up to thorough examination… Submitted […]