France, Russia, adoption, and humanitarian imperialism.

Many adoptees who have returned to their places of birth can identify I think with the reality of countries such as Lebanon, which boasts 7,000+ “non-governmental organizations”, which is one NGO for every 500 people who find themselves within this country’s current borders. We often joke here that the millions of dollars that these NGOs […]

Adoptees as non-citizens.

In another item we were discussing adoptees as a “new species” and this got me thinking about the previous item concerning obtaining citizenship for adoptees. Over at AAAC there is a minor discussion about passports, and the inability of domestic adoptees to obtain federal recognition as citizens based on the practice on the state level […]

Is it okay to not get U.S. citizenship for an internationally adopted child?

I came upon your website today and found several thoughtful comments. Perhaps this is the place to pose my question. Is it ever okay to not get U.S. citizenship for an internationally adopted child? I have read the horror stories of deportation and know that no one seems to question the necessity of getting U.S. […]