Boycotting adoption.

For some reason one of the Saudi channels on my pirate-satellite-cable service keeps showing the horrid movie Australia with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. I find that their presence in the movie (as adoptive parents) makes it doubly offensive, especially as concerns the destruction of the Aboriginal population via cultural re-education and adoption. I realized that I won’t watch a Hugh Jackman movie for despising his adoption propaganda. It got me thinking: Might you subconsciously consider or would you/do you actually boycott adoption “product”? Hollywood celebrities? Wendy’s? The entire state of Utah? The Chinese Empire? Please respond to the question and/or post valid “boycott-ables” as you see fit.

4 thoughts on “Boycotting adoption.

  1. Absolutely! I hate the movie.I never miss an opportunity to put the other side to Deborah Lee-Furness’s (Mrs Jackman) propoganda on transnational adoption wherever it appears and whoever is supporting her views, presently a very popular and long running magazine The Australian Women’s Weekly.Yes I boycott where I can -China for it’s rubbish products and it’s human rights particularly where children are involved.I won’t have anything to do with Origins for the way members in Australia have treated adoptees. I don’t watch films involving known aparents and the regular Disney themes leave me cold usually.Enough? I could go on……

    • I’d need a consciousness raising list to know what to boycott.

      Although, when it comes to adoption narratives that get trundled out in films, I feel like I have to someone acquire those (I don’t have to pay for them), so that I can comment upon and refute it.

  2. eagoodlife, or any other Down Under adoptees, can you elaborate on the Origins people? We boycott Gloria Jeans coffee in Lebanon, but mostly because of the BDS movement in support of Palestine.

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