Are we really “better off”?

I recently stumbled across a real-estate listing for my old apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, with an asking price of $4,000 a month, which is double the rent my sister and I were paying when it was still rent-stabilized many years ago, and we were paying 50% of our income toward the […]

Adoptee repatriation: Would you go back?

Let’s imagine a point in time when the power differential in the world reverses (not as far off as we might imagine, given current revolutions taking place in the world, and efforts of mothers in Guatemala, etc.) And let’s imagine that your country of birth creates a program to repatriate its diaspora, including adoptees. This […]

Mothers reclaim their children: The end of adoption.

I found this story on the AP wire about a Guatamala judge demanding the return of an adopted child in the States inspiring, because it answers for me the question “how might adoption end”? I’ve stated it often, in piques of hyperbole, that mothers worldwide should be empowered to take their children back, and now […]